A ball valve has applications across a variety of industries including highly corrosive material processing. These quarter-turn valves have a round closure element with matching rounded seats to enable uniform sealing stress and tight shut off, and can transfer gases, liquids and slurries. Not only are they easy to operate, but ball valves can efficiently regulate and maintain high pressure, volume and flow of temperature.

Ball valves supplied are side entry, top entry, 1pc, 2pc or 3pc, multi ports, Fully Fire safe, anti-static in either soft seated or metal seated for high temperature or abrasive service.

Ball valves supplied are either in Cast or Forged form.

Material can be selected from cast iron, carbon steels including low temperature options, stainless steels, Duplex steels and special alloys dependent upon process requirement. Valcrom supplies Ball valves in a wide variety of materials as per the client's requirements.

Sizes range from 1/4" to 30” supplied Ball valves supplied in different pressure classes ranging from 150# to 2500# and API 3000 to API 15000 in case of Trunnion mounted Ball valves

End Connections can be Screwed, Weld Ends, Hub Ends or Flanged.



Flanged Ball Valve   Screwed Ball Valve        TM Ball Valve 1            TM Ball Valve 3








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